Friday, August 3, 2007

Watch out for lurking blankets

While I was waiting at Public Health to get the last of my travel vaccines, the Hubs decided I needed some reading material. So he brought me baby brochures. One was called "Babies Sleep Safest on Their Backs," obviously about reducing the risk of SIDS. I already knew you were supposed to lay babies on their backs, but I didn't know they recommend not using a blanket when the baby is sleeping. Or if you insist on using a blanket, it says to "make sure your baby is 'feet to foot' in the crib." Which apparently means "the baby's feet are at the bottom of the crib, the blanket is no higher than the baby's chest, and the blanket is tucked in around the crib mattress." Basically (I had to look at the photo to figure this out), put the baby at the bottom of the crib with the blanket tucked in so it's only chest high. Did you know about that? Is that still current information? Based on the photo of the Surgeon General David Satcher, I believe the brochure was at least 5 years old. Do you put a blanket on your baby? Do you follow the "feet to foot" rule?

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