Thursday, August 2, 2007

Arranging things

I've been busy. We leave for Bolivia in LESS THAN A WEEK! I've figured out some of the stuff I'll pack, gotten all my shots, bought most of the things I needed to and have been reading, speaking or listening to Spanish a little every day. I'm not totally ready, but I'm getting there.

At least I got this blog straightened out. So for those of you who are interested, here's what's going on in the sidebar:

  • Nifty new links to and the Fam Fare page of my shop.
  • Site feed - now through Feed Burner. Sign up to receive our posts via your feed reader or email.
  • - I recently started moving my bookmarks over. Check out what I've been checking out, add me to your network or save this page.
  • Coming up - Topics for discussion that will be appearing as posts...eventually.
  • Faves - Each item links to the post where I mentioned it, so you can find out why it made the list.
  • Archive - I thought the monthly view was getting a little out of control. What do you think? Is weekly better?
  • I also updated my reading list and (finally) my profile.
Now you've got some reading to do! ;)

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