Friday, July 27, 2007

Announcing Fam Fare!

There are enough baby clothes out there that say things like "mommy's little angel." Don't get me wrong, it's cute - wishful thinking - but cute. On the other hand, there is also enough (too many) people who complain about their kids as if they were house guests who'd overstayed their welcome.

Can we celebrate these little bundles of joy without deifying - or demonizing - them? Absolutely. And there are plenty of people who are realistic about their kids' propensity to do whatever it is they're not supposed to - and still love them. The problem is there are not a lot of baby clothes that go along with this line of thinking. Enter Fam Fare.

Fam Fare is the newest line of designs I've created for my gift and t-shirt business, Bold Avenue. It's all about loving your family and laughing at life. Right now we're focusing on baby clothes, but we will definitely be expanding our designs and product offerings (look for cards, diaper bags and "big people" clothes before too long).

So check it out - and keep Fam Fare in mind for unique baby gifts!


  1. I just want to comment that even though I haven't bought anything from your store yet, I appreciate and enjoy your clever and cute designs!


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