Friday, July 20, 2007

147 degrees

The inside of our car actually got that hot the other day. I bring that up, not to complain about the heat (it's only supposed to be 103 today), but to demonstrate why I think this is an ingenious product.

The Cold Seat. Basically, it's a cover with ice packs in it that you use to pre-cool the car seat before putting your child in it. You can roll the whole thing up and stick it in the freezer. And they're cute. Here's their website. (The woman who came up with this idea lives in Arizona. Just thought I'd point that out.) Am I biased because I think wipe warmers are useless, but this is a must-have? Maybe.

People who have never lived where it gets really hot might have trouble appreciating the value of something like the Cold Seat, but you also probably don't need one, so it's ok.

Photo 1: Temperature reading from inside our car.
Photo 2: Cold Seat cover on a car seat.


  1. This goes in the freezer? How cold does it get? I would want one for myself if I new it wasn't going to be freezing.

  2. So, I should have gone to the website prior to posting because I found out that it only goes on BEFORE the child gets in. Makes more sense now...

  3. Yeah, I should've been more clear about that, because I thought the same thing at first. You're exactly right: it just cools off the seat and the buckles, and then you remove it.

    Even though they're made to fit a child's car seat, I would think you could use one to cool down (part of) your seat before you get in.

    P.S. I failed to mention this in my post, but my mom is the one that told me about the Cold Seat. Thanks, Mom!


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