Friday, July 27, 2007

Why diapers are like cars

When my Hubs and I were looking for a car, we learned that a Pontiac Vibe is basically the same as a Toyota Matrix. Everything on it except the stereo is made by Toyota. But since it's called "Pontiac," the Vibe will cost less at the outset than the Matrix and have a lower resale value. It might also take longer to sell.

Yesterday, I learned there's a similar phenomenon in the world of cloth diapers. A lot of people buy used cloth diapers since they're quite a bit cheaper than new ones. (As the Hubs put it, "Diapers start depreciating the second you drive them off the lot.") If you purchase used cloth diapers from top-selling brands, you can sometimes resell them for your purchase price - or close to it (assuming they're still in good condition). However, diapers from brands that aren't well known may save you money initially, but they'll be harder to resell once your kids grow out of them. You may have trouble selling them at all. Just like with a Pontiac, people are concerned about reliability, how much mileage they'll be able to get out of them, and whether they'll leak.

P.S. Thanks to Heather of Sleek Mama for enlightening me on this subject. I was interviewing her about her baby carriers, and we got a little off topic. I'm assimilating the rest of the information from the interview and will do a post on that next week.


  1. I found it! :) nice blog, Stephanie. Hey, keep me posted on everything you learn about Bolivia and your packing list and stuff. I really don't feel prepared and it looks like you're all over it. ;)

  2. Naomi, so glad you found me! I'm glad it looks like I'm prepared. I'll definitely let you know if I actually get it together. :D


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