Monday, July 16, 2007

How do you like your wipes?

When I first heard there was actually a product for warming wipes, I think I laughed out loud. Do babies truly prefer warm wipes? If it's hot out or if they've been all bundled up in heaps of blankets, maybe they'd rather have a cold one. (On a side note: it's due to be 114 here in Phoenix today. I think we all could use a cold one.) If not, couldn't you hold the wipe in your hand a second to warm it up? Or use cloth wipes? I finally had a chance to look into it a little more, and I haven't changed my mind. Customer reviews of a wipe warmer at this store range from "Best thing I bought" to "Save your money." So, unless someone can convince me otherwise, I think that's staying off the fave list.

Photo: My budget wipe warmer.
(Just kidding. Kids, don't try this at home...or at your friend's house....)

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