Saturday, September 15, 2007

Knot so fast

So I came across these Knot It brand diaper disposal bags. I hadn't really thought about it before, but having a pack of plastic bags in the car or diaper bag could come in handy - for more than just dirty diapers.

The thing about these is that they come in a neat little dispenser, and what you really have is one long piece of bag material that you cut to size as needed (there's some kind of cutter on the container) and knot to form a bag. The versatility of being able to have the right-sized bag for the job is nice. Although I'm thinking that when a sticky situation arises that requires a disposal bag, you're not going to want a lot of extra steps. Also, one product review pointed out that it's hard to know exactly how much bag you need to cut off, and how frustrating to mess that up - when you've already got a mess on your hands!

It turns out there are other brands of disposal bags out there. I had no idea there was a whole market for this, but I found sacks claiming to be sassy or fresh (cute website points!) or even green (as in biodegradable and in color). None of those seemed to come in as handy of a container, but none of them needed to be cut and knotted either. Trade offs, I guess.

After more googling, I found this tip, originally from The Dollar Stretcher: instead of buying disposal bags, you can reuse bread or newspaper bags. They don't come in a neat container, but they're already a good size for a lot of things. Plus, the price is right.


  1. Other re-usable free bags are the produce bags you bring your produce home in. My dad has always saved all such bags for re-use. I definitely used them for the diapers when I was my neice's nanny last year - it minimized the stench of the trash can. ;)

  2. Yeah, produce bags would work great. What do you do to make sure they're dry before storing them? Just shake the water out?


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