Friday, September 28, 2007

Because messes are inevitable

Since it was so convenient to have a little plastic bag on hand when I went to the zoo with Rachel, I was thinking about how I could keep a few in my car. I wanted them to be contained in one place and easy to get to. So the other night I came up with a ridiculously quick and easy and cheap solution: I covered a paper towel tube with wrapping paper and stuck some in there. Ta-da! I know, you're jealous and want to make one too.

Ok, here's what you need: A paper towel or wrapping paper tube*, the plastic bags you want to have on hand and five minutes. Unless you like the looks of that cardboard tube as is, you'll also want some wrapping paper, tape (or glue) and scissors. (Or, if you have kids, you could skip the wrapping paper and let them decorate the tube(s) with stickers or whatever you have on hand.)

This is a great use for that little piece of wrapping paper that's left on the roll or that annoying uneven piece.

If you're using wrapping paper, just cut it to size, cover the tube, and tape or glue it on. Cut it in half once it's covered if you'd like. (I used a paper towel roll and didn't cut it, so it won't get lost under the seat of my car.)

Now for the bags - just fold in (more-or-less) thirds and roll them up. This only takes a matter of seconds, assuming you keep your inner perfectionist in check.

Then stick the bags one by one into the tube.

I put the whole enchilada under the front seat of my car to await the next spill or chocolate meltdown or...other thing that needs bagging. You might want an extra one for your diaper bag or stroller.

Have another idea? Feel free to comment. :)

*I don't recommend using a toilet paper tube because it could be germy. Don't think about that or the toilet-paper-tube crafts you did as a kid for too long. Actually, my Mom's preschool no longer reuses them for that reason. If you want a cardboard tube that size, cut a larger one down.

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