Friday, October 26, 2007

Keeping your little sitter seated

The fact that you shouldn't leave your baby sitting unattended on a table or counter top seems like common sense. However, if you have the baby in a little seat (like the one on the right), it must suddenly seem like it's okay - especially if it has a name like the Bumbo Baby Sitter Seat. Maybe people thought Bumbo was a babysitter rather than a product for a very young person who sits, i.e. a baby [space] sitter.

In any case, it's made to be used on the floor and shouldn't be put on any elevated surfaces. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received 28 reports of babies falling out of the seat. Three of those children had been in the seat on top of a table, fell out and cracked their skulls. If your baby has a Bumbo seat (or something like it), keep it on the floor.

There is currently a "recall" on the Bumbo Baby Sitter Seat. It's not the kind where you return anything. The company's just recommending you put a new sticker on the seat with extra warnings. Even if you are aware of how to use the seat properly, it might be a good reminder for anyone else who might be watching your child - like Grandma, older siblings and, of course, the babysitter.

To find out more about product recalls, visit the CPSC site.

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