Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Kid Company for a a grown-up break

After a couple of serious posts, it's time for one that's just fun. If you go to the Sedona, AZ area (you should), I recommend stopping by The Sedona Kid Company. (I couldn't find an official website, but here is an article with more information about them.) Although I don't think they bill themselves as an "educational" toy store, items they stock tend to encourage exploring, imagining, creating, building and maybe accidentally learning something in the process. They carry Klutz books, puppets, rubber band guns, Melissa and Doug toys, dolls, those wooden tracks that you put together and then watch a marble spin down, and lots of good stuff. A lot of the items are out, so you can try them yourself. Yeah, they have t-shirts too, but you can find Sedona shirts lots of places. However, there are not a lot of places - in Sedona or otherwise - you can find windup toys these days.

It's fun even if you don't have kids. The hubs and I were up there today, and we had a great time dropping marbles down chutes and making small wooden figures dance and looking through bug magnifiers and learning things like how to throw a princess-themed tea party and how to never grow up. Honestly, I'm not really against growing up. But it's sure nice to have a break from it once in awhile.

The photo is of the sign out front - they said no photos inside the store. They are currently Sedona's only toy store and are trying to keep copycats at bay.

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