Tuesday, November 6, 2007

To diaper or not to diaper?

As it turns out, that is actually a valid question. In an earlier post, I think I mentioned someone joking about skipping the diaper debate altogether and letting their baby go diaperless.

The thing I didn't know is that many people around the world believe diaperless is the way to go. In western countries, it's known by names such as Elimination Communication (EC), Infant Potty Training, Natural Infant Hygiene, or (ugh!) trickle treat.

At first, I thought the whole idea was insanity. However, the more I learned, the less crazy it seemed. The basic idea is that babies naturally show some sign that they're about to potty (scrunch up their faces, make grunting noises, etc.). Once you're familiar with a child's schedule and signals, you can hold them over a toilet, sink, bowl, etc. and let them do their business there rather than in a diaper.

Proponents of EC make some valid points, and I'd say it's worth looking into. If you'd like to find out more, this article would be a great start - it examines contrasting attitudes about diapering in India and the U.S., as well as broader issues like consumerism and parenting.

What's your take? Feel free to comment. :)

Photo by Sean Dreilinger: One day's dirty diapers are at least the size of the baby! (Creative Commons license)


  1. Very interesting. I never thought of having my kids go diaperless but I do agree you can tell right before they go. Just not sure I could get them to the potty in time.

  2. This is a whole new concept for me, too. It does seem like you'd be running for the potty a lot. I'm interested in learning more about how people make this work. I'm sure there'll be at least one more post on the topic - so stay tuned! :)


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