Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just add inspiration

My in-laws have acquired (thanks to Elizabeth) 2 boxes of butcher paper rolls - some with butcher paper still on them, some without.

They're all about 4' tall and maybe 3" or so in diameter.

Apparently, they make great weapons for fending off older siblings.
I'm sure that's not all they're good for. I think they'd be for some kind of craft or project. What do you think they should do with them? What would you do?

Oh come on now, don't be shy, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Post a comment, send an email, we promise not to bite. Someone may come after you with large roll of butcher paper, but no one will bite.

Edited to add: Elizabeth posted a comment with more info on what's in those boxes.


  1. Wow..I was honestly a little suprised to see this post with my donation featured, but I like your challenge to readers.

    Not that I expected anyone to know the difference, but here is a bit more information on my donation:
    -The paper is a bit different on some of the rolls. Some have translucent bond paper, some have Vellum and some are something a little thinner than card stock.
    -There is also a thick roll of clear contact paper that is definitely worth mentioning for crafts.
    -There are DOZENS of tubes and probably a couple hundred yards of paper.
    -Lastly, the cardboard tubes are SUPER sturdy. (FYI, they hurt if you use them to hit someone else).

    Anyway, have fun coming up with ideas!

  2. Elizabeth: Look what fun you miss when you leave the party early! :)

    I didn't realize there was such a variety of papers, etc. there. Thanks for clearing that up.

    And, yes, little James *was* swinging one of the tubes at an older sibling when I took that photo. Fortunately his aim's no good. :)

  3. my little ones like to talk into the tube ...
    vellum is good for scrap booking and packages wrapped in brown paper packages and string are my favourite things hehe

    always use alittle bit of coloured Christmas paper to dress it up.

    The tubes could always be made into horses ... you know what I mean the kind you ride between your legs and draw a face on them.

  4. We love using the tubes as trumpets, spyglasses and walking sticks. Surprisingly I don't think my boys have used them as swords - yet. Maybe stuffing a crumpled paper ball in one end and seeing if you can make it into a blow-gun...

    I'm envious of the contact paper. I've been looking for some and had some difficulty finding some. They make for really cool preservation of things - leaves, sequins, or any other kind of art supply. This is an easy craft for the youngins who aren't quite at their "artistic" height, like my boys.

  5. Baby~amore' and Heather: Wow, lots of fabulous ideas! Thank you for contributing your own inspiration. :)

  6. I have a couple of suggestions (courtesy of McGyver)
    Suggestion #1-Make a hang glider. Duct tape the tubes together to make a framework, then cover it with the paper to make the wings. Then to add a touch of class, use the contact paper to cover it when your done for a nice glossy coat.
    Suggestion #2-Create a paper mache(spelling?) fort. Again, duct tape the tubes together to make a frame work. Next, using a HUGE mixing bowl (or kiddie swimming pool) soak the paper in the glue mix. Then, cover the framework with the paper and let it dry for a really long time. The contact paper can be used to weather proof it by coating the room or other exposed areas.

  7. Daniel: Love the McGyver suggestions - funny stuff! My mom suggested a fort, but I think she was thinking more along the lines of sheets and couch cushions rather than paper mache. :)


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