Friday, March 14, 2008

Glass is in

The Hubs emailed me this article about how many parents are growing concerned about BPA, which is present in most plastic baby bottles. Like so many other things, it's hard to say conclusively if BPA is dangerous or not.

My initial thoughts on that: really?! there's yet another thing which we thought was totally harmless but might actually be really bad for kids or it might be, in fact, totally harmless?! It never ends, does it? Anyway, if you'd rather not risk it, there are alternatives.

According to that article, glass bottle sales have shot up over the last couple of years. Glass doesn't contain BPA or anything we think we might need to be concerned about (yet). It can be cleaned and sterilized just like plastic. And it's better for the environment. Plus, it has that nostalgia factor going for it. However, there is the obvious drawback...

...of breakage. Especially if you're a klutz like me. Oh yeah, and they're a little more expensive than plastic. Which makes broken glass hurt all the more.

The other option is silicone. There's at least two companies offering these:

  • Silikids makes the glass-covered-in-silicone bottles to the left, which are so very cute and trendy that they're on backorder. Their website extols a long list of silicone's virtues, but I didn't see anything about the bottles being less breakable. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  • There's also the Babylife Wee-go glass bottle, which has a sleeve of something that's not plastic (although they don't tell you what it is) covering it. They do claim it's less likely to break. I also happen to think they're less cute, but that's just my opinion.
I believe there are also plastic bottles that are BPA-free. But I'm going to meet my friend Sarah for gelato, so I'll have to look into that another time.

Priorities, ya know?

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