Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stuff, part 1: Meet the Freegans

On Wednesday I was sick again. Or still. Whatever. The point is I watched Oprah. She was featuring Freegans, who, in protest of our society's consumerism and wastefulness, seek to live outside the "conventional economy" as much as possible. In an effort to purchase less, they often dumpster dive to find food, clothing, and household items discarded outside of stores and restaurants. Apparently, there's a surprising amount of good stuff in the trash. (Do you think homeless people are irritated that secret is out? Just wondering.)

I had heard of the Freegans before. But being home sick gave me some time to think about stuff.

Literally, stuff. As in material goods.

And I had so much to think about that I decided to break the massively long post I was writing to parts. So come on back (or subscribe), and we can take a look at the problem of stuff and what this all has to do with babies and why I'm okay posting about Freegans when there's an ad for a t-shirt from my shop in the sidebar.

* * * *

Photo by inhisgrace. Creative Commons License.

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  1. Mmmm free caramel apples. Interesting stuff. Can't wait to hear about what you have to say about the Freegans and how their dumpster diving relates to diapers (or babies).



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