Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perfectly Poetical: Choose your own (poetical) adventure

From LSL Buttons

Welcome to the first Perfectly Poetical Tuesday of 2010! This month, I'm letting you run wild: you pick the type of poem you'd like to write! You don't even have to know what kind of poem you wrote! Just make sure you link to this post.

Then stop back by, comment, link up, and check out everyone's original poetry.
  • Today's style: Your choice
  • Coming 2/9/10: Shakespeare - time to dust off your thees and thous! If you're really adventurous, you can bust out some iambic pentameter*! (*optional)
  • What is PerPoTues and how can I play?

While I'm on the subject of inspiration, here's my poem this month...

The Question of Inspiration

Inspiration is only 1%, they say
The rest is all hard work. Okay.
Still, I'd like to know:
Where does the inspiration go?
And why does it go away?
It'd be nice if it'd just stay,
Hang out while there's still daylight
Instead of stopping in so late at night.


  1. I love your poem! So true :D I thought I added my link, but it's not showing up. I'll wait awhile to try and avoid showing up 4 times on the list...

  2. Ah, yes. The elusive inspiration. It IS a late-night visitor, isn't it?! :) Great poem, Stephanie. Thank you for hosting -- I love PerPoTues!

  3. Here goes nothing!! As always, thanks for challenging me.

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