Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing with dough

It's almost too late for me to tell you is National Play Doh Day!

For a moment, let's forget the impossibility of removing it from the carpet and focus on the good times. Because I don't think it's (ever) too late to celebrate the fun that is little fingers squishing colorful dough, rolling snakes, making "food" and inviting you to eat some, and then smashing it flat and starting over again.

It doesn't have to be the brand-name kind, either. You can make your own. (If you're brave, check out Julie Finn's Play Dough Eight Ways, the first of which is Sawdust Dough!) Or you can get an alternative like Miss Brittany's Organic Preschool Fun Dough.

The main thing is providing an outlet for children to exercise their imaginations, work on their motor skills, enjoy just being kids - and maybe you can play along too!

P.S. You can get 20% off the aforementioned Miss Brittany's with promo code NPD09. And, no, they aren't paying me to say that. They just sent me an email, and I thought I'd pass the info on, in case you were interested.


1) By Diane S Murphy
2) Courtesy Miss Brittany's Organic Preschool Fun Dough
3) By Yogi

Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday blessings

The Hubs did a fabulous job of helping me celebrate my birthday this weekend! Thanks to everyone who joined in or just sent happy wishes from far away!

I feel very loved and very blessed. And, even though I did make a wish before I blew out the candles, really, what else do I need?

(Photo by Hubs)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perfectly Poetical: Ode

Can you believe it's already time for September's Perfectly Poetical Tuesday?!! Yep. Let it sink in for a moment.

Ok, here we go!

  • Today's PerPoTues style: Ode
  • Up next: Poe (yes, as in Edgar Allen - more explanation to follow)
  • Next PerPoTues: October 13
  • Want an email reminder? Just let me know!
Write a rhyming tribute and include a link to this post, and then stop back by to link up, comment and visit everyone's odes.


[My "Ode to The Way Things Were"]

This is an ode to the good old days
An ode to commemorate the way
Things were back then. Back when things were good,
And there was plenty - back in the day.

Good times sometimes seem so far away
So what I would like to know is how
To get things back the way they were
Before they were the way that things are now

And yet I wonder, in years to come
Will we be wanting to know the way
To change the things that happen then, to
Get them back the way things are - today?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain, inspiration and an upcoming ode

You may have guessed by now that I love the rain. Rainy days inspire me. This morning we've had a delightful downpour with the temperature dipping far below the triple digits we've been seeing. Watching the hubs taking care of the plants out on the balcony made me think my Perfectly Poetical Tuesday ode might be to the rain or to gardens or maybe to him.

What inspires you? This Tuesday share a tribute to someone/something - it can be funny or serious, short or long - then stop by and link up! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the menu: the stuff of life

The highs. The lows. And today...the food. Strange roller coaster that we're on here, huh? Or maybe it's just the stuff of life. Isn't all of that - the celebration, the mourning, the ever-looming question of "what's for dinner?" - just the kind of thing our days are made of?

I kind of think so.

And with all the stuff that's been going on in my life of late, my meal planning has been haphazard at best. Then Sunday I found myself scrawling a menu on the back of a grocery list, and I thought of you.

So, in case you've been on the edge of your seat wondering what's for dinner at our house, here you go...

And, here's the translation....

  • S - pizza
  • M - pork chops, mashed potatoes, spinach, corn
  • T - eggs and chorizo with Mexican grey squash (Hubs is on his own for this one - I'm in Flagstaff tonight)
  • W - bean burritos with more squash
  • Th - chicken and rice with peas
  • F - TBD
Wishing you the best through your little (and big) stuff of life this week!

P.S. Even though I'm a day late, do check out the menus posted on the Chive Talkin' Menu Plan Blog Roll.