Monday, December 28, 2009

In summary

{After PerPoTues, it was all just a blur...}

design projects + fighting off a cold + shopping + getting that cold + networking + spending too much time on hold + wrapping + business holiday cards + family cards + laundry + computer issues + backing up everything + wanting to sleep + getting everything set before Christmas + delivering client gifts

{and then}

buying trip food + packing + traveling north + bundling up + taking in snowy views + family + food + more family + gifting + unwrapping + more food + coming home

{but it didn't stop there}

more wrapping + different family + more cards + out-of-town friends and (you guessed it) family + baby shower #1 + getting sick again + calling to say I can't make baby shower #2 + taking a nap

{up next}

recovering + reevaluating + readying myself for the year ahead

{Hope to fill you in more soon!}


  1. WOW! Busy, busy, busy!

    Enjoy the lull between holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Wow! I am awed by your initiative.

  3. Summer: Well, ya know, stuffs have to get done! And the Hubs helped a. lot. And now I'm really tired! :)


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