Friday, April 16, 2010

First day of school

Tomorrow the Hubs starts a seminary class.

Before I continue, I know that some of you who know us in real life may not have heard about that. The thing is that, while he was considering this as an option and going through the application process, he told very, very few people. He wanted to know it was a sure thing first. I guess this must be kind of a guy thing, because my dad totally got it. Anyway, then, all of the sudden, he was accepted and ordering books and - boom! - tomorrow he starts.

And, if you know him in real life, you may already know he is very intelligent and a voracious reader and brilliant with languages and gifted at explaining things in just the right way so the light bulb goes on.

He's wanted to go back to school for a long time, and now things have fallen into place. Although he's pursuing a Master's (and I can totally see him as a professor), we're taking things one class at a time. We'll see where it leads.

For now, we're both really excited about him embarking on this journey. And I am so very proud of my Hubs!

Oh, one more thing, he recently signed on to Twitter (as @felipeviajero). So he'll be posting periodic updates on his seminary experience, as well as his adventures on the light rail and other random observations, there.


  1. How exciting for the hubs and you! What will his first class be on?!?!?

  2. I think it's called Ecclesiastology and Eschatology - it deals with more modern church history and the end times. I'm really interested to hear the highlights. :)

  3. Yay! This must be very exciting and a little intimidating for both of you, but I know that both of you will work through it JUST fine!

  4. Congrats to your husband on getting into seminary!!! Which one is he attending?


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