Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the menu: planning better

Since my last menu plan posts, I've learned some things about meal planning. That time, I planned two weeks at once - and then ran into some glitches.

1. Underestimating amounts.
There were a couple times I ran out of ingredients I'd planned on having for a dish later in the week. And I didn't want to be running off to the store all the time.

For example, I wanted to make a cucumber yogurt side dish. Then we ate most of the plain yogurt as a snack with fresh fruit and honey. It was reeeally good. But it messed with my plan. In the end, I sliced the cukes, some tomatoes and some of our mint, then drizzled my homemade Italian dressing over the top. That was good too. But still. It's the principle of the thing. I need to figure out how to account for snacks, etc. when I come up with my plan.

2. Overestimating my energy level.
Some days I'm pretty tired out by dinnertime. (I think it's a combination of the stress of running a business - plus all the tiredness-causing allergy meds.) And the thought of trying a new recipe can seem like more work than I'm up for.

I need to make sure to plan several easy meals and limit the number of new things I'm trying. That way, if I was going to try a new dish on Tuesday, but I'm drained after an afternoon of client meetings, I can just pop the chicken and rice I was planning for Wednesday in the oven instead.

Sometimes the Hubs steps in and takes over. (He made the empanadas I had planned, and the process turned out to be quicker and easier than it looked. Also? They were delish!) But now that he's going back to school, he's just not going to have as much time for that sort of thing.

With that in mind, here's the basic plan for this week (still figuring out some of the details)...

Mon: I'm making Moroccan Lamb Salad With Carrots and Mint, only I'll be using leftover pork instead. Which probably wouldn't make most Moroccans happy. Shhh...don't tell.

Tue: Pesto chicken and maybe some pasta.

Wed: Gonna try out that empanada recipe - with extra veggies in the filling.

Thr: Lentils.

Fri: Tilapia and rice.

What about you? Anything delicious planned this week? You can link up at Mindful Menus.


  1. Excellent ideas. And aren't hubbies great? Those empanadas look fabulous.

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