Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perfectly Poetical: Free verse

Happy Poetry Month! There is more poetical fun coming soon, but today let's celebrate with some original poetry!

How to join in Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (PerPoTues) today:
1. Write a poem in free verse, post it on your blog and include a link back to this post.
2. Stop back by, link up (using Mr. Linky) and leave a comment.
3. Follow the other links and read some great poetry!

A few other notes:

  • I wrote a free verse poem, but I decided to post it separately. I'll link to it later on.
  • If you're spreading the word via Twitter, feel free to use hashtag #perpotues.
  • If you don't have a blog, you can post in the comments here and skip the linking part. :)
Next PerPoTues:
I'd like to try something different - found poetry! I just learned about this, and I'm excited to give it a try. The idea is to take a text that's not a poem (an excerpt from a magazine article or a politician's speech, for example) and alter it (adding line breaks, maybe reordering a few words or phrases...), so that it reads like one. As Poets.org said, you can think of found poetry as "the literary equivalent of a collage."

To get you started, check out Wikipedia's article. I'll be posting with more information and examples between now and the next PerPoTues on May 10.

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