Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the menu: cooking ahead

Mindful Menus

I did some serious cooking today, friends.

But before that, I mapped out a menu plan for the next couple weeks. Here's what's up this week...

Mon: Barbecue at my cousin's house
Tue: Cheese and basil polenta with tomato-basil sauce (which I didn't get around to making before). Green salad on the side.
Wed: Salad greens with cucumbers and mushrooms, topped with cranberry-walnut-marinated chicken and Parmesan cheese. Maybe a little olive oil for dressing.
Thr: Empanadas (Did I mention we got them practically perfect last time? Wondering if they'll be just as good this time.) Rice on the side.
Fri: winging it

This afternoon I made cabbage slaw (that's what my cousin requested I bring to the family get-together tomorrow); the polenta (which is ready to go in the oven) and the empanada filling (which just needs to be put into a pie crust, folded over and popped in the oven at the same time) are chilling in the fridge; I cooked the chicken for Wednesday's salad; and I made a couple big batches of rodeo stew. (One for next week; another one for whenever.) I don't think I've ever prepped that much food in advance. I'm kinda proud of myself. So even if my week is really tiring, dinner each night is already almost ready. It's a good feeling.

How about you? Do you have a menu plan you'd like to share?


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  2. Hey!!! Good to have you again on Mindful Menus. The empanadas sound delicious. I have never had them before... Did you post a recipe? You're winging it Friday?!?! I LOVE buffalo wings ;-) Have you considered adding name/URL as a comment option?

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