Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is a clerihew?

A clerihew is an awesome poetic form. Here is why:

  • You get to be snarky.
  • It's only four lines.
  • Irregular/awkward meter and line length is encouraged.
This is a poetic form that doesn't take it self too seriously. It's meant to sound a bit off beat. You can write about someone famous or anyone you want to poke a little fun at. The first line can be composed entirely of the name of the person you're writing about.

The first two lines rhyme, and the last two lines rhyme (aabb).

Sound like fun? Get your snarkiness out in poetic form, and link up on Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (#PerPoTues) July 12.

More clerihew info and inspiration:

Poem/illustration by mr lynch. Here's another one from him, but it was over my head.

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