Thursday, January 17, 2008

Going to the zoo

I walked into the bathroom just inside the zoo's entrance about the same time as a woman who was struggling to get her daughter to go in. The little girl was yelling, "NOOOOOO! I don't wanna go here. I wanna go to the zoo!!!"

After a pause, her mother stated what should have been obvious. "We are at the zoo."

Logic schmogic. The girl kept repeating, "I wanna get money at the ZOO!!" She said it enough times for me to be sure that it was money - not monkeys - that she wanted. At the zoo. (Souvenir penny machine maybe-? Or buried treasure?)

Anyway, the funniest thing was that what she so desperately wanted was to go to the zoo. But she was already there, just one brief pit stop - maybe 5 minutes - away from seeing animals or getting money or whatever it was she was so eager to go the zoo for.

I feel like there's a lesson in there somewhere. Let's contemplate that for a moment.

Maybe that, a lot of times, we're closer to where we want to be than we realize? That we're searching all over for things when we already have what we need? That when we want to yell, "NOOOOOOOOO!" we should shut up and appreciate how good we have it? That I read too much into things?

That could be it.

Maybe I should stop looking so hard for a moral to the story and start trying to find that money at the zoo.

* * * * *

Photos: 1) By MissCGlass. 2) & 3) By me.


  1. Money at the zoo?!!? I obviously don't go there often enough. And I like the moral you were able to get out of that - very true about having what we need when we need it, no reason to scream! :-)

  2. Yeah, even though some days make you *want* to scream. I have to just keep reminding myself to be grateful. Even though I still haven't figured out where in the zoo the money is hidden. ;)


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