Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clean up

What's with the junk? It seems like everywhere you go, you find trash on the ground. It can get a little disheartening, really.

What can we do about it? Eradicate litter from the face of the planet? Not likely. But we can do something to clean up our corners of it.

What can you do? Pick up trash in your neighborhood? Start recycling? Find a creative way to use less/create less waste? What's one thing you could do to beautify your community this week?

Project Support Beauty in Nature is all about a lot of people making difference in their own little ways. On February 11, I'll let you know what we did. And I'd love to hear from you too. How did you make your environment a little cleaner, a little more beautiful? How will you teach your kids to take good care of the world around them?

* * * * *
Photos: 1) Taken by the Hubs to document an ongoing problem we have with our dumpster - but more on that later. 2) One of four Project Support Beauty in Nature buttons by Sarcastic Mom. Get one for your blog.

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