Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Traveling light - revised

The Hubs and I went on a little hike yesterday. Here is everything we took with us: water, snacks, camera, cell phone, keys, wallet, Kleenex, walking stick, plastic bag for trash. We should've brought hand sanitizer too. (Oops.) We could've brought fewer snacks. (But you never know.)

Our gear didn't even require a whole daypack, but I know we won't be able to travel so lightly once we have kids.

I started thinking what else will we need to bring? To start with, more water, more snacks.

While they're still in diapers, there's the diapers plus wipes and some kind of blanket or changing pad.

If they're that little, they probably need transporation. So some kind of baby carrier or 4-wheel-drive stroller. (I saw someone on the trail with a baby in a sling.)

What else...pacifier, favorite toy(s), extra change of clothes-? Already our "gear" has at least tripled. And I'm probably missing something. Or am I overdoing it? Is my hypothetical day trip packing list too long? Does it just depend on what it takes to keep the kid happy? Or how much the parents are willing to improvise?

PS Speaking of (not) taking stuff with you, I don't didn't have the thing that hooks my camera to the USB port with me, so I'll add another photo or two later on today. now here's a couple more photos! :) Edited 1/23.

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