Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toys: What you really have to worry about - Part 3

With the invention of the wheel came the potential for humans to injure themselves in new ways. In that tradition, kids have been falling off bikes, scooters, skates and other things that roll since they’ve had the opportunity to do so. But, really, skinned knees aren't the problem.

Riding toys are involved in more injuries and deaths than any other type of toy. (Yeah, I was kind of surprised by that.) Even seemingly benign toys made for small children that don’t allow them to go very fast or fall very far are not exempt from these dangers, since kids can easily lose control once they get rolling.

What makes riding toys so dangerous?

  • Cars. It's not easy for someone driving down the street - or backing out of your driveway - to see a small child, especially one who is sitting on a tricycle or other toy.
  • Water. A child who rolls into a backyard pool or pond might not get out fast enough.

In addition to the above, motorized riding toys have the potential for strangulation if an article of clothing gets caught in them.

Things to keep kids riding safe:
Also, before letting kids ride on motorized toys, make sure they're wearing suitable clothing. To quote The Incredibles' Edna Mode: "No capes!"

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