Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just a shot in the dark...

At the doctor last week (yep, still sick on and off), I learned that adult immunizations are never covered by insurance - even for travel to a country where they're required. (Crazy, huh?!)

That got me thinking. About a lot of things, actually. But the one that's relevant here is this: if you're taking your kids/teens to get shots anyway, would it be good to have them get one of those "travel shots" (like Hep B) at the same time?

It seems like you just might be doing them a favor getting a couple extra shots out of the way while they're already in there and still on your insurance. Of course, you'd have to check with your doc and insurance people first.

Also, I know some people question whether kids should get immunizations at all, but that's going to have to go on my (long) list of things I need to read up on.

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