Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfectly Poetical: Cinquain

From LSL Buttons

Happy Perfectly Poetical Tuesday!

This month's style is one you may not be familiar with, but it should be a piece of cake!

How to write a simple cinquain:

  • Doesn't rhyme
  • Has 5 lines.
  • 1st line is 1 word (which is also the title).
  • 2nd line is 2 words.
  • 3rd line is 3 words.
  • 4th line is 4 words.
  • 5th (last) line is 1 word.
As always, the topic is up to you. Write about the kind of thing you would normally blog about - food, family, random things that happen - or about Thanksgiving or about whatever you'd like. Have fun and remember to link your post to this one! Thanks!

Edited to add: I thought an example would be good, so I took 10 minutes and wrote this Thanksgiving-themed cinquain.


  1. Today's my first time participating; found you through This Heavenly Life. Although I noticed that I followed different cinquain rules than you did; I found a link describing a different form based on syllable counts rather than word counts.

  2. I noticed your syllable counts Jen! I thought they worked beautifully :)

  3. This Perfectly Poetical blog is very enticing. I made a mistake though and listed my link as Nancy Jay. Could you please delete that and I'll do it right next time.

  4. Jen Rouse: Welcome! I try to keep things fun and laid-back around here. Sometimes I take a little poetic license with the poetic forms in order to simplify things, because really? This is for fun - not for a grade! So why sweat the details?

    In this case, it seemed like a didactic cinquain would be easier to explain and write than some of the more traditional forms.

    But you're always welcome to take the theme and go old skool with it or bend the rules a bit. :)

  5. NancyinAbq: As you requested, I deleted your link. Feel free to link back up!


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