Monday, September 8, 2008

Need to feed

Well, here I go again. Talking about my blog on my blog. But I wanted to update you on the weirdness going on with my feed, because I know some of you are missing it. (Others of you aren't sure what a feed is. Click here if you're interested.)

The good news is I went to this site last night and found out my feed is, in fact, valid. (I don't really know what that means. But somehow I still feel validated.)

The bad news is that Feed Validator (very helpfully) suggested some fixes - which are buried pretty deep in a whole pile of code. Just looking at it made me think, "It's time for bed!"

So I do plan on attacking that soon. But not right now.

Fear not, loyal feed readers! Someday you will again peruse the Little Stuff of Life effortlessly with your reader of choice. Until then, do not lose hope! Reminisce on the days of yore, ere you had discovered the feed - and return often, lest I indeed become lonely!

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