Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Right outside

This summer I read a post (which I can't find now) from a mom saying she couldn't even use the bathroom in peace, because her toddler would be trying to come in or whining outside the door or at least waiting RIGHT THERE until she came out. Lots of moms jumped in to sympathize, adding their own stories.

I couldn't relate. Not that I'm complaining. But I didn't have a story.

You know how Monday's post mentioned that there were a few things from housesitting for my parents that I hadn't time to write about? Well, one of them was about Ranger. Ranger loved the Hubs. So much that while we were staying at my parents', he decided that if the Hubs was in the bathroom, he should be in there too.

He would try to come in. He would whine outside the door. And he would be RIGHT THERE when he opened the door back up.

Good toddler practice, I guess.

Photos by me.


  1. I totally get the lack of peace in the bathroom. It doesn't stop after the toddler stage. Malia will still come and request attention - usually just to say, "Mom - um - I love you". I just want to say, "Can't that wait until I'm out of here?" Cute that Ranger did the same thing!!

  2. Summershine, that's so funny! You're probably thinking "Malia, what made you think of THAT right NOW?!!" :)

    Good to know that one should not expect all that fun to be over with toddlerhood.

  3. I've always thought dogs were WONDERFUL preparation for kids...

    I either try to sneak in when they don't see me, or settle for company.


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