Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, yes, there are options...

I started looking into shopping cart covers. And, yeah, there are a lot of different kinds. Here's what I found from quickly scanning sites for the top results of my Google search:

The Clean Shopper on Bippity Boppity Baby - $28.95

  • My impression: Cutesy, kid-centric designs.
  • They claim: "Can be installed using one hand, in less than 10 seconds"

KozyPal - pre-made $61.95 (single), $89.95 (double)
  • My impressions: Both kid- and mom-friendly designs. Customize or order pre-made covers.
  • They claim: "KozyPal™ shopping cart covers have a universal fit for all grocery store shopping carts, Costco and Sam's carts, park swings, public strollers in malls and zoos, and restaurant high chairs or booster seats."

Shopping Cart Cover Shop - $32.95-$92.99
  • My impressions: Site has a very professional look and an article on how to compare shopping cart covers, which may come in handy. They offer different brands, including Cuter than a Duck's Butt. (Not setting the bar real high, are we?!)
  • They claim: "We offer a wide selection of the most popular brand name baby shopping cart covers."
Not to be confused with...

Shopping Cart Cover Store - $49.99 includes monogrammed tote
  • My impressions: There's some nice designs mixed in there. Don't have much to say. Is my mind already going numb with the options? I think it must be...
  • They claim: "We feature quality boutique fabrics for uptown babies and moms."
And just those 4 sites were enough to make me feel all mixed up about shopping cart covers. So we will be visiting this topic again.

Photo 1)
by abstrakone (cart cover by the baby's grandma). CCL. 2) by hive. CCL.

KozyPal graphic from the company's
"link to us" page.


  1. My mother bought me a Buggy Bagg ( when Dacey was a baby and we have LOVED IT! It is SO cozy, comfy, and secure. I use it quite a bit with AJ still. They are very well-made. We have the zoo print which both of my girls have loved looking at while we shop. Cannot say enough good things about it!

  2. Nice! I'll have to check those out. Thanks for the recommendation!


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