Monday, September 29, 2008

Ready to talk baking soda

What does getting back from a trip have in common with using baking soda? Laundry. I keep a separate box of baking soda with my laundry stuff and sometimes throw a little in with a load of clothes.

When I realized my laundry-room Arm & Hammer was running low, I bought more baking soda - store brand this time. Looking at the two boxes side-by-side, I realized something. Both claim to be for "baking, cleaning and deodorizing," and both contain sodium bicarbonate. However, the Food Club brand has "nutrition facts" on the side panel and says there's 7% of your daily value of sodium in 1/8 tsp, while the Arm and Hammer has "drug facts" and lists its purpose as "antacid."

Does that imply you should bake with generic baking soda, but go with the brand name if you have an upset stomach? Just wondering.


P.S. We're back now, so I should be posting trip pics soon. Also, I realized I forgot to mention it on some of them, but this post, this one and this one were while we were out of town. Sorry for the confusion!

Photos by me.

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