Monday, September 1, 2008

Was it something I said?

You know those Cingular commercials where a conversation goes awry because of a dropped call? (I think this one is my favorite.) All of the sudden there's silence on the other line, causing the speaker to wonder what he/she said wrong.

That was me last week after I posted this and didn't hear anything from the Playful Childhood crew. I became increasingly sure they had misunderstood my response to their "Protect Our Kids from Preschool" post. And were offended. And possibly really mad at me.

As it turns out, they weren't mad. They were planning to respond. And they did. Colene says:

"I am all in favor of high quality, short term care of children to give the mother a break."
So maybe we see eye to eye on this after all. Maybe we all have a common enemy: preschools that aren't doing things in the best interest of the children.

Look what happens when you talk things out! Good thing I learned that in preschool. ;)


Photos: 1) By the Hubs. 2) By cafemama. CCL.


  1. I just had to add that many times I don't think the preschools are necessarily always to blame. Parents these days are demanding academics at increasingly earlier ages in an effort to "not waste time" and "give their children a competitive edge". That has resulted in bad pedagogy being applied in classrooms (and in the home).

    Thanks for all of the wonderful questions you posed and giving us a chance to clarify. It was a crazy week on our end, so sorry to keep you in suspense for so long... :)

  2. That's true. Parents sometimes visit my mom's preschool and ask if there are computers the kids can use. There aren't - for a reason. What will help a 3-year-old later on in life isn't so much computer skills (those can come later) as people skills, a little bit of structure, and plenty of time for creative play.

    Thanks for putting up with all my questions! Feel free to stop by anytime and do the same! ;)

    Don't worry about keeping me in suspense. I need to not be so paranoid.


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