Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello, rain!

Did you Arizona people just get a crazy storm dumped on you last night? We sure did. Did your power go out? Our lights flickered just enough to make the computer restart and to keep me from working on today's post (and I knew this morning I wouldn't have time).

So I went out and took some photos, which I'll post later. Have a fun day!


  1. Hi Stephanie! Nice pictures. Just checking in on your blog.

  2. I love the distinctly Arizona August electrical storms. The air it self just sizzles and the light shows are amazing. T & I love to drive in it, or to sit on our porch and watch!

  3. Dad: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the pics. :)

    Simple Joys: Yeah, we went out to watch the lightning, wondering if it would even rain. Then we went inside and 5 minutes later, it's pouring! That's the fun part of August!


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