Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pouches...get your pouches...

We interrupt posts about World Breastfeeding Week to let you know that Heather of Sleek Mama is closing up shop! She will be spending more time with her three little boys and blogging about ways to encourage creative play at Playful Childhood.

So that means this week is your last chance to order a Sleek Mama pouch! And they're only $20! (This is updated from what the web says.) You'll need to visit the website ASAP, since it's going down tomorrow, but you can order all week.

I've mentioned before how much I dig these. Here are a few more fabulous things about these over-the-shoulder baby carriers:

  • Made from stylish yet sturdy fabric.
  • Can use with newborns.
  • Easy to take a wiggly toddler in and out.
  • Babies feel safe and snug inside.
  • Fold up very small - can fit in your purse.
  • Can double as a nursing blanket. (So we are on topic!)
  • Dad-friendly fabrics available too.

So there you go. If you need a pouch, go get ya one this week!

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