Friday, August 8, 2008

Other 8-8-8 news

You may have noticed that some days I just have a lot to say. Today, I not only felt the need to wrap up World Breastfeeding Week, but to say Happy First Day of the Olympics! (What's with Yahoo putting the metal count right on their front page before the events have even aired?! SPOILER ALERT: don't go here!)

And to note the date.

I remember 8-8-88. I thought it was so cool. Because I was...8. (So, yep, that makes me 28 now.) I had a will-this-ever-happen-again conversation with my mom, in which we established that there would be an 8-8-2008 when I would be all grown up, and an 8-8-2088 when I would be really old - if I even made it that far. Anyway, I remember coloring pictures and writing the date on them in very large numbers and wondering what my life would be like in 2008.

Have you seen 50 First Dates? If not, SPOILER ALERT: you're gonna need to skip down to the next paragraph. I love the ending of that movie. Every day Lucy wakes up - thinking that the day before she was single and living in her dad's house - and realizes she's met and married the love of her life, had a beautiful daughter, is surrounded by the beautiful Alaskan coastline, and someone is playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on a ukulele in the background. Pretty sweet. Pretty hard to take life for granted. I cry when she hugs her daughter like it's the first time she's seen her. Sigh...

If 8-year-old Steph could have had a glimpse 20 years into the future - see that her hanging out in the condo with her wonderful Hubs, see the friendships, the church, the growing family relationships, the car she can drive all by herself - she'd wonder why grown-up Steph would ever complain.

Maybe grown-up Steph should rethink the whole not-being-extremely-grateful-for-all-she-has thing.

Maybe I'll get that down by the next 8-8-88.

In the meantime, I have Opening Ceremonies to watch.


Photos by me.


  1. I find that gratitude much like blessings are much more apparent in retrospect. We often need time and distance to appreciate all that God has lavished on us. Eph. 1:3ff

  2. Very true, Mom!

    Do you remember that 8-8-88 conversation?


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