Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bases covered

You know how I wasn't sure about shopping cart covers? Well, I got to check one out up close at the baby shower of Jill, cousin of the Hubs. (Not the same cousin I mentioned before, BTW. It's just that everyone has babies at once.)

I didn't get a photo of Jill's (I think the Hubs had run off with the camera at that point). But I decided it would come in handy. Really would be difficult to arrange a blanket in a way that covers the front and back of the kid seating area of the cart and still allows their little legs room to stick out. So not a necessity, but nice.

In case you're wondering, we got her the Wiggle Worm Gym, which was on the registry. Pretty cute, huh?!

Photos: 1) By happykatie. CCL. 2) By me.

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