Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Always learning

The idea to start this blog came to me when I was driving home from a baby shower last summer. (I'm thinking it was Lory's...wait, no, that couldn't have been right...man, those things come in waves and I can't keep them straight...) Anyway, the mom-to-be received a whole lotta gifts, many of which I couldn't even identify. Everyone around me had to endure me whispering, "What are those?" and "What do you do with that??" etc. pretty much the entire time.

Now, after...let's see...8, 9, 10, 11 months...? Is that right? We'll just say less than one year. For less than a year, I've been reading, blogging, window shopping, and generally paying more attention to baby stuff, and guess what?! I went to the Hub's cousin's baby shower during last weekend's madness, and I knew what (almost) everything was!

There was only one exception.

Let me introduce you to the pacifier pod. It keeps your pacifiers handy. It keeps them clean. And it looks cute.

So now we know what that's about too.


Photos by me.

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