Saturday, May 24, 2008

Graduation day

Remember that insanely busy weekend I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, it kicked off on that Thursday when I went to two - yes, two - college graduations, which I started to write about. (Started. Ahem.) Since the Hubs and I headed to California today to celebrate another cousin's graduation (Ally's), I thought I should get this grad post up first.

I had known both of the two-ceremonies-in-one-day grads since they were girls. And I'm not sure how they got to be old enough to graduate.

During graduation #1 (Fine Arts), I was sitting on the aisle where the graduates lined up. As dozens of names were mispronounced read one after another, I tried to picture these cap-and-gown-wearing students as toddlers. Then I tried to picture what they would look like very old. Either reality was hard to grasp, yet one had definitely happened and the other is a definite possibility.

Why is it that we freeze people and places in our minds when we know that change is constant? Why do I still think my cousin (of graduation #2: Political Science) is still a kid? Or at least a teen? Why does growth so catch us by surprise? It's a completely normal - not to mention inevitable - part of life that continually freaks us out.

Happy graduation, ladies!

* * * * *

Photos by me. They've kind of got that grainy, paparazzi feel to them, don't they?

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