Monday, August 18, 2008

Why should grandparents have all the fun?

Ok, I know the answer to that. They've earned the right after all the hard work of parenting. But that's not really what I needed to tell you today.

What I want to say is this: Do not let the fact that you aren't a grandparent stop you from going to And if you are a grandparent, you really are out of excuses. They have city guides of 101 kid-friendly (but not necessarily only for kids) things to do in a bunch of U.S. cities, and once you choose, say, Phoenix, you can further narrow things down by category (eats, museums, outdoor fun, etc.)

There's also articles on all kinds of stuff. I highly recommend "No Talent, No Patience Arts and Crafts," if you're planning on doing a craft with children. (Ever.)

Photos by me. 1) E, Grandma, me, Uncle Dave 2) A "treasure chest" by Rachel.

Also: No, no one paid me to write this. I just like that website and get excited when I come across cool stuff like that.

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