Friday, August 1, 2008

Cross nursing

The other day Mom sent me a text that just said "Cross nursing?"

Turns out she saw something on Good Morning America about moms breastfeeding their friends' babies in order to foster a sense of community and was wondering if I'd heard about that. I hadn't.

So I read the article and skimmed the accompanying comments.

I'm all for moms breastfeeding if they're able to. And I know it's not necessarily an effortless process. There can be latching issues, supply issues, demand issues...and the list goes on... So with all that work to meet your baby's needs, why would you complicate things by randomly adding another baby in the mix? Or have your baby be nursed by a friend - and risk being exposed to diseases she might not even be aware she has - just for the sake of "bonding"?

There are other ways to bond with your friends' children. Play peek-a-boo. Teach them how to high five. When all else fails, give them candy.

Photos by fikirbaz. CCL.


  1. Wow, that is strange!! Yeah, much better ways to bond with other mom's babies. God meant for nursing to be a great way to bond with our children, not other people's children, right?

  2. Summer, that's what I think! :)

  3. I've heard a lot of strange things in my web explorations, but I've never come across that before...

    I love nursing my babies. LOVE IT! But I've never felt the desire or need to bond with someone elses child in the same way.

  4. dude. there is some serious strangeness out there.

    if i am watching someone else's kid, there is NO WAY they are gonna get some of my goods. hardly enough to go around in the first place.


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