Friday, December 12, 2008

Grandpa on the existence of Santa Claus

When I was old enough to start doubting the existence of Santa Claus, I asked my grandpa if he was for real or not.

He paused only a moment before asking me a question: "Is God real?"


"Is true love real?"


"Then there must be a Santa Claus!"

Gotta love that Grandpa logic. He had me believing in Santa Claus long after the other kids in my class had outgrown the idea.

Photo by my family. Thanks, Mom, for finding it for me! :)


  1. haha! awwww, now that is the best.
    hugs hugs hugs.

  2. I'm with your grandpa. Hooray for Santa! I remember arguing with my entire 3rd grade classmates as to his existence....I still believe : ).

  3. Wow, Deborah, you took on the whole class! That takes guts! :)


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