Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why we shop on Christmas Eve

The annual Christmas Eve shopping trip I alluded to before is one of those accidental traditions. Between running a business and spending time with his family, Dad often didn't have time to do much (if any) holiday shopping before Christmas Eve. So, as long as I can remember, he would take me with him on an epic December 24 shopping expedition.

I loved the one-on-one time with Dad. Mom loved a quiet day finishing up Christmas preparations alone - or, later on, with only one baby at home. Eventually, my little brother came with us. And, eventually, I was okay with that.

We'd go to the mall and feel really helpful picking out gifts for mommy. In between gift hunting, we would stop by the toy store, look at the puppies in the pet store and get Orange Juliuses. When my cousin was living with us, she started coming too, and Dad managed to keep track of three little kids.

Dad and us "kids" have continued the tradition, although it has evolved a bit through the years. We usually have most of our shopping done before Christmas Eve. And there are more of us now - last year E's girlfriend and her brother joined us. The Hubs is planning to be there this year. (In the past he's been sick or working.)

Also, we used to go out for breakfast before shopping. About the time I got married, I started cooking breakfast for everyone at my place instead.

The really funny thing is that my family, as a general rule, isn't into fighting crowds. This is a notable exception.

Maybe it's because it's the family time we're really fighting for.


Photos: 1) By me. 2) By Mom. 3 & 4) By me. Yeah, that's actually my parents' house. I tend to get so busy cooking I forget to take pictures.

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  1. lovely write up on your family. hope you guys had a special time together!!!


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