Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hubby birthday

A week ago Saturday we celebrated the birthday of the Hubs.

After changing the plan (because of the Hubs going out of town) and changing it again (because it's been so hot and monsoony), we just went with a laidback afternoon. In fact, it started with a post-work nap.

Once he was revived, we had coffee and a lemon tart at Liberty Market, and hung out there for awhile.

Then we walked across the street to Joe's Barbecue for a seriously good dinner. (Yes, in that order. Dessert first!)

Nothin' huge - relaxing, quiet - but he has at least one more birthday celebration in the works. Maybe more. Maybe we'll just keep partying until my birthday...and then start again. Sounds good to me!


Photos by me. Thanks to Aunty for help on getting them from phone to blog!

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  1. Dessert before Dinner? You are brilliant! My birthday is this weekend...I think I know what I'll ask for :)


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