Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Perfectly Poetical: Quatrain

Thanks for stopping by July's Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (PerPoTues)!

This month's style: Quatrain - For our purposes, 4 lines that rhyme. Every other line can rhyme (ABAB), the first two can rhyme with each other and the last two can rhyme with each other (AABB) or each line can have the same rhyming ending (AAAA). It's up to you, just have fun with it!

  1. Write your poem.
  2. Post it on your blog with a link back here.
  3. Stop back by, click on Mr. Linky to link up, and then post a comment. (If you don't blog, you can post your whole poem in the comments.)
Next month's style: Haiku This will be English Haiku, of course, unless you happen to speak Japanese. Focus on simplicity, and write a poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second line and 5 in the last line. This one doesn't have to rhyme!

Mark your calendar! The next Perfectly Poetical Tuesday will be August 11. If you want an email reminder (and you didn't receive one this time around), just let me know!

So, please tell us, what does your life's poem say?

(P.S. My quatrain will be up later on today.)

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I ran across your carnival last month via megan @ sortacrunchy, and wished I could've participated. Not that I know A THING about poetry, but it just looked like so much fun. So here I am this month...

    Thank you for hosting this great idea!


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