Friday, October 23, 2009

Five years

Five years ago today, the love of my life and I were on our honeymoon.

When this entry posts, we should be just back from our anniversary trip back to Sedona. I admit I'm writing this ahead of time, because I can't sleep, I'm feeling reflective, and I know it always takes me awhile to get back to the blog when I've been out of town.

So. Five years. Not a long time, really, in the grand scheme of things. But already we've gone through a few different seasons together. We've lived 2 different places. The Hubs has worked in 5 different positions for 2 different companies. I started a business, worked 2 other places, then took the business full time. We've traveled together to California, Pennsylvania and Indiana, as well as to Peru, Mexico and Bolivia. Within our families and circle of friends there have been births, deaths, marriages, engagements, moves and life transitions. The brother-in-law who joined the Navy when we were dating has served his full commitment with the military. The cousin who started college when we were engaged is halfway through law school. The nephew who was months from being born when we got married will start kindergarten next year.

So five years is something.

Besides the kinds of changes that require updating the address book or adding photos to the album, there have been other, less tangible - but still very real - changes. Things we used to fight about that we look back on and laugh. Things we understand about each other. The way we communicate. The ways we've grown. The way we show love. Maybe we show love better, because we love more. I know that just when I think I love him so much my heart will burst, a new day begins, and I see him next to me and love him even more.

Ok, ok. I got it. I'll quit with the mushy stuff. But, seriously, if there's something worth being mushy about, isn't it this?

Happy five years, sweetheart! I wouldn't trade them for anything!


  1. Congrats! We also like to look back and see what has changed. Not to outshine you, but something we think about sometimes is the fact that my sister only had 1 kid for the entire first year that we were dating. And that kid is a typical teenager now...

  2. Jill: Thanks!! And you were there when it all began! :)

    Liz: Well, you guys definitely do outshine us as far as history. I'm a newcomer to the family compared to Mr. Map. ;)

  3. Aaaaw, congratulations! Beautiful true. God bless!!

  4. Happy, happy! Here's to the future and many more years of happy memories and moments together!


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