Saturday, October 10, 2009

Putting the Poe back in Poetry!

When I mentioned on Twitter that I was trying to choose a PerPoTues style for October, Jen from Bookworm on a Mission suggested "something halloweeny" and heartily approved the idea for a Poe-inspired theme.

In general, I'm not much into scary or Halloweeny stuff. But, for some reason, I can really appreciate Edgar Allen Poe. Even the creepy stuff. Maybe it's because it's not about being scary just for the sake of scary. Maybe you have your own theories. But, since I want to start blogging more frequently, I'm going to (attempt to) stop spending insane amounts of time dwelling on unimportant details.

So. Moving on.

The theme for this month's PerPoTues (which is this coming Tuesday - already!) is Edgar Allen Poe. Kinda like that one time it was Dr. Seuss. Only not.

Some ways to Poe-ize your poem:

  • Get gothic.
  • Talk about your life - with an unexpected twist. (Were you horrified to find the glasses you'd searched the house for were on your head all along?)
  • Parody one of Poe's poems.
  • Use the refrain "nevermore."
Be creative, have fun, and check out the Poe Wiki for inspiration!

And, yes, you did hear that right about me posting more frequently. In fact, please come back Monday - there's something going on besides PerPoTues next week I'd really like to tell you about then.

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