Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet tricks for beating the treats

I thought these were some good tips for making Halloween a little healthier. They originally came from Shauna Johnson of Wellspring Academies, and I paraphrased a bit (of course)...

  • Wait to buy your candy - Procrastination can be a good thing sometimes. And if you're worried about snacking on all that candy around the house, don't keep it around the house.
  • Plan your own activity - Two words: corn maze. You're still getting some walking done, but you're not collecting piles of sugary badness at the same time. If skipping the candy altogether doesn't fly with your kids, just hit up a few houses and then move on to another activity. Or go to a party or fall festival where there'll be treats, but they won't be the whole focus.
  • Ration the amount of candy eaten afterwards - Just because you collected it all on Halloween night doesn't mean you have to eat it all on Halloween night. Make it last! The trick is to treat yourself to sweets without overeating.
What do you think? Could this work for you? Do you have other ways of combating the sugar or keeping things healthy on Halloween?


  1. I will be wearing an all white costume that I spent a good amount of time making. No chocolates for me!

  2. Liz!: I never would've thought of that, but that's an excellent strategy!

    Also? I'm gonna need to see pics. ;)


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