Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perfectly Poetical: Dr. Seuss

Thanks for joining us for another Perfectly Poetical Tuesday! This week's style is Dr. Seuss, so I hope you're ready with some fun, Seuss-esque poetry!

If you're just tuning in, here's the deal:
Here's how to play today:
  • Blog in "Dr. Seuss" style. (Something that reminds us of Dr. Seuss - you can define exactly what that means. Have fun with it!)
  • Link from your post to this post. (Buttons are optional. But cool.)
  • Leave your link and a comment here.
Style for next week - the final week of April: Epic. (This doesn't have to be pages long - just longer than a limerick. Tell us a tale of adventure and bravery in your every day life!)

Also, today...
  • Starts a sweet contest over at SortaCrunchy (or so I hear) - you'd better go check it out!
  • Is my mom's birthday. (Which is somewhat relevant because of the amazing children's literature she introduced me to. But mostly I just wanted to say "happy birthday, Mom!")
  • Since every life writes a poem, tell us what yours says - Dr. Seuss style!
[Mine was inspired by Fox in Sox. And by hanging out with hubby's family this weekend.]

Kids in Pics


Kids with pics.
Tricks with kicks.
Kids take pics.
Kids do tricks.

Grown ups chit.
Grown ups chat.
All they do is sit, sit, sit.

Sitting and chatting makes kids sick.

I don't like to sit, sir.
I don't like chit chat, sir.
All this sitting and chitting makes me sick, sir.

I like to do kicks.
I like to do tricks.
I like taking pics of tricky kicks!

Kids do tricks with kicks for pics.
Kids take tricky pics for kicks.

Taking pics and making tricks, tricky kids don't sit and chat.


Photos by me. But they were the kids' ideas. :)


  1. I have created my own Seuss like poem to contribute to your Perfectly Poetical Tuesday. I have referred to it as my Seussday Tuessday poem. You can see my creation :) at my Dr. Seuss lens: Dr. Seuss and MeThanks for the nice comment and for the invitation to spend some creative time this morning.
    You have a great blog btw.

  2. Love your poem! We were sad to miss participating this week since I went "dark"...


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