Monday, April 27, 2009

On the menu: week of 4/26/09

In a lot of families (not all, of course), there is a person who cooks because people need to eat and a person who cooks as a hobby. I cook because I know we'll get hungry. The Hubs cooks because he thinks it's a fun thing to do on a day off. He is really sweet about helping out when needed. But, left to his own devices, he would make a culinary masterpiece when he's in the mood and then subsist on frozen burritos/pizza/PBJs/foraging for food the rest of the time.

And, even though I'm the one that plans the menus for the week, I always end up changing things around. For example, I tried to plan this week's menu at the same time I did last week's. I've already completely changed the whole thing around.

Plan A:

Revised Plan:

  • Monday - Homemade Mac & Cheese with veggie salad
  • Tuesday - pasta with marinara sauce, green salad topped with blackberries
  • Wednesday - stir fry with almonds, tofu and veggies
  • Thursday - dijon chicken, rice, green beans
  • Friday - tortilla de patata and tomato soup

For one thing, I didn't make last week's soup until the weekend. The fact my dishwasher is full of bowls (and the cabinet is not) is due to the fact that this weekend we pretty much lived on that soup, cereal, and birthday parties. It worked out great, but it means I'm not up for chicken and rice tonight.

Instead, we're having Chanelle's Macaroni and Cheese. Which I'm really excited about. One of the Hubs Big Weekend Project Dinners is this macaroni and cheese recipe from Cooking with Cafe Pasqual's. It's amazing. But it's not quick. Whereas, Chanelle's is. And looks approximately 10 zillion times better than the stuff that comes in the box. I'm just hoping it's thick enough to serve on plates. ;)

Also, I just realized that my busy today tomorrow might get extra busy (if so, I'll catch you up on that later in the week), so, yes, we are having pasta two nights in a row. I wanted to make something I could easily make while I make tonight's dinner, and that fit the bill.

Well, I'm off to whip up some mac'n'cheese. But you can find more great menu plans at the Chive Talkin' Menu Plan Blog Roll.

Photos by me.


  1. Hey! You made it! You were quite brave to try to plan two weeks at once. I don't think I could do that. So cool that you don't allow the plan to rule you, but rather you rule the plan. Love mac and cheese - it's such great comfort food... thanks again for joining in at the Chive Talkin Menu Plan Blog Roll - you know how much I love having you!

  2. Mmm I think I'm gonna have to make the mac 'n cheese too!

  3. I love making mac and cheese--checking out that recipe for sure!
    Soup is the best isn't it?!


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